[Slamd64-Announce] Slamd64 11.0 Released

Fred Emmott mail at fredemmott.co.uk
Tue Oct 3 16:06:37 GMT 2006

Announcing Slamd64 Linux 11!

More than 7 months after Slamd64 10.2b, Slamd64 has now reached a very
mature and stable stage, and I'd like to thank a small number of the
many people who have helped make this release what it is.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Carlos Corbacho for putting in a *huge*
amount of work into finding and fixing bugs - A search of
bugs.slamd64.com shows that he's helped with more than 100 bugs
since July. This really has been an incredible help.

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone who helped with the Slamd64
fundraiser back in March/April, especially the following people who
donated large amounts (if I've missed you off this list, please tell me
and I'll add you to it).

Peter Christy
Gebrs Duportail
Andrea Lee
Pieter Sartain
Jakob Viketof
Damion Yates

Due to Slamd64's increased maturity and stability, I will be producing
security updates for Slamd64 11.0, even after -current is branched
again; if you want notification of these, please sign up for the
slamd64-security mailing list at http://lists.slamd64.com

Release highlights:
- Updated to gcc 3.4.6, and now including gcj; unfortunately, including
  gcj has forced me to drop -m32 support, as this seems to be
  incompatabile with gcj. I'll be looking for ways to work around this
  for the next release. In the meantime, I recommend using a Slackware
  chroot for compiling 32-bit binaries.
- Added Mozilla Firefox
- Added Mozilla Thunderbird
- Added Seamonkey 1.0.5
- Updated to udev 097; If installed, udev now replaces hotplug, and is
  much faster.
- Now only one kernel is needed - huge26.s, based on
- Added pcmcicautils
- Added amarok (KDE media player)
- Added qca and qca-tls; this adds jabber support to kopete
- Added git and mercurial (version control systems)
- Added Ruby
- The latest version of the popular K Desktop Environment, KDE 3.5.4
- Apache 1.3.37
- mod_ssl 2.8.28
- PHP 4.4.4 in slackware/n/, and PHP 5.1.6 in extra/
- Lots of packages from Slackware that were missing in Slamd64 have
  been added; see ChangeLog.txt for a full list.

Upgrade notes (see CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT for more information):
- alsa-drivers is now a separate package
- Be sure to merge in the new configuration files in /etc/rc.d,
  otherwise things *WILL* break.
- The newer udev obsoletes /etc/hotplug/blacklist; use
  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist instead
- X11 now depends on slackware/l/freetype and slackware/x/fontconfig
- PHP now depends on slackware/l/freetype
- Kopete now depends on slackware/kde/qca and slackware/kde/qca-tls
- apr, apr-util, and mm have been split out from Apache; Apache,
  Subversion, and PHP will all depend on some of these.
- Subversion now depends on slackware/l/neon
- xfsprogs has been split into acl, attr, dmapi, xfsdump, xfsprogs
- GTK+2 applications now depend on slackware/l/cairo
- xvim has been replaced with vim-gvim, which depends on
- The Mozilla suite has been replaced with Seamonkey

Have fun :)


Fred Emmott
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