[Slamd64-Announce] Slamd64 11.0 RC1

Fred Emmott mail at fredemmott.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 12:27:54 GMT 2006


Slamd64-current is now Slamd64 11.0 RC1 - as with Slackware, there's likely to 
be a few more changed before 11.0. Please see http://bugs.slamd64.com for 
current issues, and please discuss the release at http://forums.slamd64.com

Release highlights:
- Added Mozilla Firefox
- Added Mozilla Thunderbird
- Added Seamonkey 1.0.4
- Updated to gcc 3.4.6; gcj is now included, however -m32 support is now 
disabled, although 32-bit programs will still run in slamd64 with the 
packages in slackware/c/ - a slackware chroot is the recommended way of 
compiling 32-bit programs.
- Updated to udev 097; If installed, udev now replaces hotplug, and is must 
- Linux (huge26.s); Now that Slackware includes a 2.6 kernel on the 
installer, slamd64 is using a nearly identical .config (differences: 
architecture, 32-bit emulation enabled, future domain controller removed due 
to compatibility issues)
- Added spcmciautils - this should make configuring pcmcia cards much easier 
on 2.6 kernels
- Added linuxdoc-tools
- Added amarok (KDE music player)
- Added qca and qca-tls - this adds jabber support to kopete
- Added git and mercurial (version control systems)
- Added ruby
- KDE 3.5.4
- Apache 1.3.37
- PHP 4.4.3
- mod_ssl 2.8.28
- Lots of packages from slackware that were missing in slamd64 have been 
added; see ChangeLog.txt for a full list.

Upgrade notes:
- If you upgrade the kernel, alsa-drivers is now a separate package
- There /may/ still be issues with upgrading glibc for some people - see 
http://bugs.slamd64.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9 - if this affects you, see comment 
number 15 (http://bugs.slamd64.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9#c15)
- Make sure to merge in the new configuration files in /etc/rc.d, especially 
if you're upgrading udev. The new configuration files have the same filename, 
with a ".new" extension. Not doing this with udev and sysvinit will give you 
some serious issues
- WIth new udev, /etc/hotplug/blacklist is obsolete - 
use /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist instead
- X11 now depends on slackware/l/freetype and slackware/x/fontconfig
- PHP now depends on slackware/l/freetype
- kopete now depends on slackware/kde/qca and slackware/kde/qca-tls
- apr, apr-util, mm have been split out from apache - subversion and php will 
depend on some of these
- xfsprogs has been split into acl, attr, dmapi, xfsdump,xfsprogs
- GTK+2 applications will now depend on the cairo package
- xvim has been replaced with vim-gvim - this package now depends on the
vim package from slackware/ap/
- python-demo and python-tools have been merged with python
- Abiword has been removed as it now depends on gnome
- Mozilla has been replaced with seamonkey


Fred Emmott
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