[Slamd64-Announce] Slamd64-10.1 Final Released!

Fred Emmott mail at fredemmott.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 09:19:20 GMT 2005

Slamd64 10.1 Final has now been released and is starting to hit the mirrors.

Thanks for all of your help, support, testing, bug fixing (and reporting), and 
just generally being nice people :)

- K3B fixed to not have libsamplerate dependency
- TCL libdir symlinks fixed
- added glibc-nptl into testing/ - note this is only nptl, it does not have 
linuxthreads as well like -current
- fixed typos in isolinux.cfg (some kernels wouldn't work)
- linux32 packaging issue fixed (that's where the /install/slackdesc file came 
from, oops :)
- guile fixed
- issues with opengl on systems not using NVidia's binary drivers fixed.
- Wireless-tools missing .so fixed.

As normal, ISOs and xdeltas from the previous release are available. If you 
still have the RC4 iso images, please use the .xdelta files to reduce load on 
the mirrors.


Fred Emmott
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